Bridge With The Hacketts

Paul Hackett and twin sons, Jason and Justin, together with Justinís wife Barbara are members of a remarkable family. Between them they have won, or been in the medals, in most of the World Championships.

Their major successes include silver medals in the European Pairs and Teams, the Junior World Championship and silver in the Mind Sports in Beijing.  Paul won the world senior championship for the D'Orsi Bowl in 2009 and continued the following year to win the World Senior Championship in Philadelphia.  Add to that Barbaraís two gold, three silver and two bronze medals in European and World Championships and you get a taste of their many achievements.

Their tally of over 100 wins include major tournaments in such diverse venues as Japan, China, Trinidad, Argentina, Peru, Barbados, Australia, Morocco, virtually all of Europe and many other countries.

Paul has become involved as President of the Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship and the European promoter of the Buffett Cup.

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Bridge: A Mind Sport for All

Euro open

2019 European Open Gold
Ed Jones, Tom Paske, Justin, Alex Hydes, David Mossop, Jason

English Open Team

Silver Medal Winners at Beijing Mind Sports October 2008
Justin (front left) and Jason (front right)


In the World Championships at Sao Paolo in September 2009
Paul won a Gold Medal
The England Team was
David Price, Paul Hackett, Colin Simpson,
Peter Baxter (npc), Gunnar Hallberg,
John Holland and Ross Harper

Rand Cup winners

World Seniors Champions 2010
Garey Hayden, John Holland, Gunnar Hallberg, Reese Milner, Paul Hackett

European Open Championships Posnan 2011
Silver Medal
Colin Simpson, Tony Waterlow, Hans Gothe,
Paul Hackett, Gunnar Hallberg, David Price

Seniors Opatija 2104

European Seniors Gold Medal Opatija 2014
David Mossop, David Price, John Holland, David Burn (coach),
Simon Cocheme (npc), Gunnar Hallberg, Paul (missing Colin Simpson)

2019 Results

Yorkshire Pairs: Barbara and Martin Taylor
Scarborough Teams: Jason
Summer Congress: David Mossop, Jason, Justin, Paul
Mutton Cup Madrid: Jason 2nd
Crockfords Final: David Mossop, Diego Brenner, Alex Hydes, Jason, Justin, Paul
Gerard Faulkner: winner Paul
Ciudad De La Corina Spain: Jason and Richard Bowdery
EBU Autumn Teams: John Sansom, Paul, John Hassett, Dave Debbage

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Any or all members of the family are often available as partners and/or team mates.
Please email us for rates for your favourite tournament.

Jason and Richard Bowdery

Ciudad De La Corina 2019

Richard Bowdery and Jason
Photo courtesy Norma Bain            

Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014
David Bakhshi, Jason, Andrew McIntosh,
Justin,, Paul, David Mossop

Paul Hackett
17 Austin Drive
Didsbury, Manchester
M20 6EB

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